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It would be easy to say that the lurker is the player who sneaks around the map on their own trying to backstab people. The lurker is also in a great position to kill the CT in pit once that guy realizes that the terrorists are swarming B. Alternatively, the lurker could go down to boiler room and try to kill the player on short in order to stay closer to B so that they can assist his team during the post-plant situation.

On the other hand, they might secure the kill and put some pressure on defenders in CT spawn, making it a lot more difficult to retake the site. Coming up with a play involves good reads of what your opponents are likely to do as well as understanding what they may or may not expect.


Lurking is a highly intuitive endeavor. The only way to develop this skill is through experience.


The other part, communication, is probably the main reason why you want a lurker on your team in the first place. Your lurker needs to be able to assess the situation and provide good information. How does the B-player on Mirage generally react to a smoke strat over at the A-site? Is it possible to categorize players in different groups? If so, will that knowledge help you identify what kind of player that B-defender is in a live game? I think so. After that kill, he waits for a second or two but no one tries to trade off the kill from the B-side of mid, suggesting that the B-player might have pushed tunnels for information.

Lurker (StarCraft)

I have no way of knowing for sure, but I think that the smoke in mid served two purposes. Knowing that there was a possibility that they would peek and find that no one was there made Christopher realize that there was a chance that the B-player was going to attempt to flank him. After that his job was pretty much done. The main area that I think you should focus on is your gamesense.

Watch a lot of demos from your own games to find out how players on your level react to the things you do. How do the players on a certain site generally react to a flashbang thrown in a certain spot at a certain time. If you notice a pattern you should try to figure out what triggered the response. The best way to learn these things is to play a lot of games.

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Preferably against other pre-made teams, so that you know that they will communicate. If your team goes for an A-push and you throw your flashbangs and a smoke towards B, how long did it take for the B-players to get to A? Is it possible for you to play in a certain way to trick them into doing what you want them to do?

Because of the nature of your role, you should spend a lot of time on deathmatch servers. If you spend more time working on the basics of the game than your opponent, you give yourself a greater chance to come out on top of any given situation.Lurkers are zerg units introduced in StarCraft: Brood War.

Lurkers must burrow in order to attack, rendering them invisible from enemy attackers. Lurkers are particularly effective as a defense against enemy raids on workers.

As long as the defenders can keep enemy detectors from penetrating, raiders deployed by air transport are at risk of being annihilated by pre-deployed lurkers that they cannot see.

Terrans are not as handicapped against lurkers because of the ComSat station.

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Out of all the zerg units in the game, lurkers benefit the most from attacking from high ground. They are particularly effective on ramps when set up at the choke point. The lurker's attack does linear splash damage to allied and enemy ground units, but not the player's other ground units, in its path. The lurker has no means of defending itself when not burrowedand is vulnerable during the process of burrowing; this takes more time than for other units and enemy units can still attack them at that stage, possibly killing the lurker before it even has a chance to effectively become invisible to the enemy and attack.

Lurkers may burrow even if the ability has not been researched. Lurkers may attack only when burrowed. The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft which is no longer valid. Earlier in development, the sunken colony 's sprite was named "lurker. The lurker was given a visual upgrade in StarCraft: Remasteredalong with every other unit. The features of the original sprite were hard to ascertain.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. Burrowed Attack. Missile Attacks. Accessed on Blizzard Entertainmentaccessed on Broodling Infested terran. Egg Lurker egg Cocoon. Hatchery Extractor Evolution chamber Spawning pool Hydralisk den. Creep Creep colony Spore colony Sunken colony. Fungal colony Mutation chamber Mutation pit Nydus pit Scoria. Categories :.

Cancel Save. You may be looking for:.It is similar to the darkmantle and the piercer but attacks with suffocation instead of impaling. The lurker resembles a flat, gray stingray with two small eyes at the front. They are capable of both creeping along a ceiling and slowly gliding through the air. The darkmantle is said to be the result of crossbreeding a lurker with a piercer. Lurkers live underground. Lurkers, as said before, attack similarly to the darkmantle and the piercer.

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They flap or crawl to the roof of a cavern, and attach themselves to the ceiling. They wait until prey comes beneath them and then drop below.

Because they are flat and not pointed, they do not impale the prey. Instead, they wrap around the head of the victim and suffocate them. They do not let go until either they or the prey is dead. They can only be fought off by others, or with small weapons the prey was already holding.

Lurkers are solitary creatures, unlike the piercer, which lives in colonies that can be huge. Females lay glutinous sacks of eggs on the ground, and newborns feed upon vermin which can be found on cave floors, until they are old enough to fly and can attack in the above described method. The trapper is a variation of the of the lurker. Instead of attacking by dropping from above, it waits on the floor and kills by closing itself over prey that walks on top of it.


The forest trapper, or miner, is another, more different variation of the lurker. The miner waits on the floor of forests until prey walks on top of it, then attacks with two poisonous barbs. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Rescued article requiring attention This article was rescued from The Annexa repository of pages deleted from Wikipedia for lack of notability.

Please edit it to conform to this wiki's style guidelines before removing this notice. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save. This article was rescued from The Annexa repository of pages deleted from Wikipedia for lack of notability.To save this word, you'll need to log in. Log In Synonyms of lurker someone who acts in a sly and secret manner suddenly, the mysterious lurker leapt out into the light!

Accessed 19 Apr. Comments on lurker What made you want to look up lurker? Please tell us where you read or heard it including the quote, if possible. What does capricious mean?

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Login or Register. Thesaurus lurker noun. Save Word. Log In. Synonyms of lurker. Synonyms for lurker. Keep scrolling for more.The Lurker is a subspecies of Xenomorpholder than a Chestburster but younger than a Warrior.

The only known individual Lurker was the Alien. The name "Lurker" was given to the species in the video game Aliens: Colonial Marines. The Lurker species is different from most other Xenomorphs. The tops of their heads have transparent shells which allow their skulls to be seen. This allows their nostril holes, eye holes and black patterns on their skulls to be seen. Their skin is more grey colored than black and they display more human-like features, such as posture, hands, and feet.

The Lurkers' torso, tail, and legs have the same features as the Xenomorph Warriors in the second film and are more human-like than that of the Xenomorphs that appeared in the fourth film and the Aliens vs. Predator series known as Drones. The Alien later molted it's skin and killed one of the crew members that was searching for Ellen Ripley's runaway cat. One of the crew members later searched for The Alien and was supposedly killed by the creature by surprise.

The Alien killed nearly all of the Nostromo' s crew until Ripley activated the ship's self destruct function and escaped in one of the ship's craft. The Alien attacked her by surprise and apparently sneaked on board the escape pod.

Ripley hid in the spacesuit room and dawned a suit. Ripley then activated a smoke where The Alien was resting and the creature tried to attack her shortly before Ripley activated the airlock which shot The Alien out into space.

The Alien remained on the outside of the escape pod until Ripley activated the craft's motors which shot The Alien into the void of space, to it's death. Men in Black.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].Switch to new thesaurus. Mentioned in? References in classic literature? It troubled me that there should have been a lurker on the stairs, on that night of all nights in the year, and I asked the watchman, on the chance of eliciting some hopeful explanation as I handed him a dram at the door, whether he had admitted at his gate any gentleman who had perceptibly been dining out?

View in context. At the earliest streak of day one of the leaders would mount his horse, and gallop off full speed for about half a mile; then look round for Indian trails, to ascertain whether there had been any lurkers round the camp; returning slowly, he would reconnoitre every ravine and thicket where there might be an ambush.

In this way a small gang of lurkers will hurry off the cavalry of a large war party, for when once a drove of horses are seized with panic, they become frantic, and nothing short of broken necks can stop them. As the wood-rats had taught him discretion, so did these two-legged lurkers in the jungle twilight.

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But there is a possible lurker open to improvement in Luck Of The Legion. Comet set to be the real star. Pattie looks like real tasty proposition at Chelmsford. I was mostly a lurker. After a few years, I became an active user and had my first encounter with cyberbullying. Is Twitter dead? Does the display of effective posts for various learners lurker and poster have an effect in increasing the reposting behavior and consequently participation of learners?

Taking the figure of the lurker as a conceptual persona, Goriunova argues that global digital culture is not abstract or transcendental, but rather real and ideal. Convergence and Disjuncture in Global Digital Culture. Dictionary browser? Full browser? Wallace State Jr.Top definition. Lurkers unknown. People who look at your myspace and dont leave commentsmessagespic comments, etc. Rob:My Profile views just jumped from to in ten minutes!!

Fred:God damn lurkers!! Mongo : That kid Tonto is a lurker. Thor : He is creepy. Tonto: I am right here. Lurker unknown. Someone who "lurks" around an Internet forum, only reading and never posting. Dude, how come you never comment about anything I write on my site?

You're such a lurker. A person who is just "there.

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Possible reasons for this could be: -They don't know what to say -They are pretending to have friends -They are trying to scare you -They are there just to be seen with you, as if they have some kind of relationship with you. Person 1: Who's that? Person 2: The lurker.

He shows up everyday, just ignore him.

How to lurk in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

People who go on your stickam profile when your live and dont come into the chat. Dave - "Oh shit look i got 10 lurkers" John - "Imma cap them fewls with my aussie guns pew pew ". Dirty Kathryn Geezer Schoolie Dirty Colton Sinatra Boneless children Nudes day Dirty Kathy Dirty maddy Dirty genesis Lil Moser Alphabetical list lurk and bang lurk and jerk lurkathon lurkatory Lurkatrate Lurkatron Lurk bag lurkbait Lurk Booking Lurk chair Lurkdom Lurked lurked out lurkened Lurkening lurker lurkerbater Lurkerbating Lurker Bee Lurker Bomb lurker deer lurkering lurkerism lurker jerker Lurkers Corner Lurker's neck lurkerz lurkey Lurkey Turkey lurkface.


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